The Charm of
the Water Bus

Fully enjoy the most popular spots in Nagoya!

Explore popular and famous spots!

Cruise Nagoya connects the most popular sightseeing spots in Nagoya.
You can get from Sasashima Live—a haven of shopping and dining located conveniently close to Nagoya Station—to Kinjo Pier, home of LEGOLAND® Japan, in as little as 60 minutes♪
Along the way, you also can stop at various sightseeing spots such as the onsen hot spring Canal Resort, the modern minato AQULS (home to the massive LaLaport shopping center), and the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium.
It’s perfect for those who want to enjoy a full day in Nagoya.★

Full of fun unique to the Water Bus♪

You can see many great views of Nagoya from the Water Bus♪
The views from underneath the giant bridges and the Nakagawagchi dori Lock Gates are particularly great photo spots.
You can also get close up views of marine creatures such as fish and waterfowl!


Routes that Connect Popular Sightseeing Spots

Sasashima Live Area

This area features commercial facilities such as Global Market and Market Square Sasashima.
It’s a chic and stylish area located conveniently close to Nagoya Station★

Canal Resort Area

It’s just a one minute walk from Canal Resort to the boarding point.
The Water Bus is a great way to get around and see the sights while also enjoying the spas and dining options at Canal Resort!

minato AQULS Area

You can find expansive shopping centers and sports facilities in this area, along with Canal Walk a water rich space near the boarding point where you can enjoy a relaxing stroll while appreciating the waterfront.

Garden Pier Area

This area is packed with some of the most famous spots in Nagoya, including the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium and the Fuji Antarctic Museum.

Kinjo Pier Area

This area has many interesting spots such as LEGOLAND® Japan and Make's Pier. You must check it out during your trip to Nagoya!

Even your travel time is fun♪

Scenes of Nagoya from the water

The Water Bus offers beautiful views of Nagoya that you can't see on land.
From the view of the buildings around Nagoya Station seen from the other side of the canal to the undersides of the bridges, there are plenty of sights that make for great photos♪

Travel time as short as 75 minutes

Going directly from Sasashima Live to Kinjo Pier takes about one hour.
A great choice for those who want to visit numerous spots in a limited time★

Recommended Spots

RECOMMENDED SPOTS Sasashima Live - Canal Resort

A warehouse district that retains thefeel of the Showa Era

Along Nakagawa Canal, you can see warehouses that supported the growth of Nagoya City during the Showa Era.
Enjoy the area’s nostalgic Showa esque atmosphere.

  • Sasashima Live 24 District

    This newly developed district near Nagoya Station boasts a sprawling waterfront area.
    The many stylish eateries and shopping centers add to its unique charm.

  • Nagara Bridge Area

    Enjoy a great view of the Nagoya skyline from the water.
    The scenery at night is diffeent from the daytime, giving you a whole new view to enjoy.

Recommended Spots Canal Resort – minato AQULS – Garden Pier

Nakagawaguchi-dori Lock Gates

The water level is adjusted by the use of locks to allow ships to go between the Port of Nagoya and Nakagawa Canal, which have different water levels. Experience the same mechanism used at the Panama Canal, in which the water level is adjusted in a lock chamber separated by sluice gates.

How the lock gate works
(Nagoya Port Authority Website)

  • Fish, waterfowl, and other wildlife

    Many birds and fish inhabit the waters of Nagoya.
    One of the unique perks of the Water Bus is that you can see various kinds of marine creatures throughout every season★

  • Iroha Bridge Vicinity

    Nakagawa Canal is a popular place for aquatic sports, so you just might be able to see some boating practice going on!

  • Garden Pier District

    Not only can you see the giant Ferris wheel, you can also view the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium from the water!

RECOMMENDED SPOTS Garden Pier – Kinjo Pier

Large ships traversing the sea

Many large transport and passenger ships cross paths in the Port of Nagoya.
The dynamic views of these massive ships both still and in motion make for some great photo opportunities.

  • Meiko Triton Bridge

    A look below at Meiko Triton Bridge, on which the Isewangan Expressway runs, makes for some great photos to post on social media★

 Water Buses

WATER BUSES Higashiyama Garden 1

The colorful appearance of the Higashiyama Garden 1 really stands out. Cruises on all lines. Equipped with restrooms.
Equipped with an air conditioning system for a comfortable ride that is cool in summer and warm in winter.

WATER BUSES Kato Kiyomasa / Maeda Toshiie

Cruises between Sasashima Live and Garden Pier.
Equipped with an air conditioing system for a comfortable ride that is cool in summer and warm in winter.

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